DayZ Standalone Giveaway

DayZ Standalone Giveaway with early access is here! Everyone is waiting for DayZ standalone to be released.Now that they offer early access to the game with every key activated on steam, surely this will boost it’s sales and create a bigger audience.But what about all the people that don’t believe in hype and think DayZ standalone might be a failure or a game that You won’t possibly like ? Well now you can enter a dayz standalone official giveaway and win a full steam key that offers early access to the game, and if u like the game you will be able to play it after it fully comes out!



Dont Know What DayZ Standalone is ?

DayZ Standalone giveaway

DayZ Standalone is a Standalone game from mod created for a game called “Arma 2”. It is a zombie survival game. When you enter the game for the first time you spawn in a random position and you don’t really know what’s happening. Your goal is to Survive. You should start running around, searching for people, food, guns, ammunition, maps and even allies. But Don’t be fooled because every person could kill you on sight and all your progress would be lost. Oh and zombies… This game is full of them, you should avoid them unless you have a gun.This is an ever growing community, that is why we are promoting this DayZ Standalone giveaway ! Don’t like your chances? you can buy the game directly from steam : DayZ Standalone



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